I made a trip to Dallas for their session, and had the best freakin’ time. The day of it started to rain just about exactly the moment that we started shooting.  They were such good sports, and embraced it… and I love how a few of the ones of them cuddled up in the rain turned out! I decided to go back the next morning and give it as second go, and loved every minute!

I love their hearts, and how they’re deep thinkers and feelers, like me.  It’s so easy to just dive into meaningful conversation with them. They are so open and encouraging, and literally asked me how they could better support me in diving into photography full time. They understand what that really means because Allison is a creative too, and it meant the world! So thankful for the continued connection photography provides.  I’m always blown away by the people I spend time with. They’re too good to me!