Family Documentary Sessions

The most simple and beautiful life moments right where they happen, every day.

Why Family Documentary?

Some of my very favorite photos from my childhood are the ones on a normal day in our home.

I don’t honestly even remember some of my childhood, but when I look at these it brings so much life and understanding to what things were like at that time, and most importantly, my Mom was in them. When you lose a parent, you really start to value that kind of thing.

Having these photos makes me feel extra passionate about providing lasting memories for families that really mean something.

Family documentary sessions help to capture the many beautiful details of your family in a more organic way that will take you back to those real life moments of what every day life was really like. These sessions can take place at home, or can be centered around a favorite family activity,
like going to the park together.

Home is wherever I'm with you.

Let's do this!

If you're interested in having your family documented in this way, fill out my contact form so we can talk about all your ideas and make your vision come to life!

Environment is everything.

A significant piece of our memories of life moments are tied to where they happen. Why not document your family in a place that is significant to you?

Photographing people in places that are important to them helps to bring context to what life was really like in that moment. Photos like these can spark memories of that dinner table you shared countless meals, or that chair you rocked your baby to sleep in every night.