Some things about me.

Hi there!

I'm Deborah, but you can call me Deb!

I was born and raised in West Texas where I initially studied Communication Design at Texas Tech University, but graduated with a degree in Nursing and worked as Registered Nurse while continuing to build my photography business over the last 13 years. I am so thankful for my experience as a nurse, but photography has always been my passion.

I've moved away and done other things but it's a good thing I always found myself right back here in sweet old dusty Lubbock because it's where I met the LOVE OF MY LIFE. We got married in 2020 and life has been high speed ever since. We recently took on a new business together, and welcomed our sweet baby boy into the world earlier this year. I am so grateful for all the ways God has moved in an through us and can't wait to see what he has in store for is. If you're in a season of waiting, be ready. Life can change in an instant!


Becoming a wife and a mother has forever changed the way I view photography, and the way I feel about my own photos.


Jesus - sunsets - road trips - the desert - rain - art -hammocks - camping - coffee - candles - cloudy days - succulents - hand lettering - sage green - belly laughs - folk music - holding hands - baby toes

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Because if you ask me, it's a pretty big deal.