K + M | In Home Anniversary Session

May 23, 2018

Two of my newest favorite humans right here.

Go ahead and skip to the photos if you don’t want to hear me gush. I’ve been feeling really feely and have lots of words lately.

I had been following Kailee’s work for a while… and I could tell from her images that we could probably be fast friends.  I love what she values in her work and what she stands for, and I love her ability to capture fun and candid emotion in her photos. If you haven’t checked out her work yet, give it a go! Click here: Kailee Ann

 I’ve been trying to build my portfolio for lifestyle sessions and couples, so I reached out and asked her if they’d be interested in doing an in-home session… and I’m. so. glad. they. were. down. It was ideal timing because, their anniversary was approaching, and they were just about to move out of their first home together.

One thing that’s awesome about photographing other photographers, is that you know they value what you value in the deepest ways.  You know going in that what you’re giving them is such a gift, and that they feel the same way. I also love setting up shoots that allow me to be creative, and have fun without pressure, but that was the least of the things I gained from this shoot.

These two are so hospitable and made me feel instantly at home.  I could tell they have the warmest and most welcoming hearts.  Naturally, after we snapped some photos of them, I plopped on their couch and we chatted for a while… and what started as a “get to know you” type situation, ended up being a sharing of my guts and soul – and the amazing thing is that it didn’t scare them.

Have you ever been in a situation with new people that feel like old friends? When the stars align and for whatever reason, you know that this particular event was supposed to happen, and the conversations were supposed to happen? Yep. That happened.

We sat down and the real talk just busted out. I mean, the hard stuff.  I cried, she cried… and we actually discovered that we share some of the same pain points in life…. which totally sucks.  I wouldn’t ever choose to bond over heartbreak, but in that also comes healing, prayer, empathy, compassion, and encouragement from others who get it.

I left feeling so raw, full, seen, and heard… and I realized, it had been a really long time since I had shared the harder parts of “my story,” with someone new. I’m not gonna lie, I woke up the next day thinking, maaayyybeee that was a little too much for our first time hanging out. I thought I should have toned it down. I should have just zipped it, and not exposed myself so much, but then, I was glad I did.

I don’t ever want to rob myself the opportunity to connect with others on a real level because I’m scared of what they’ll think of me, and because I’m wanting to keep all my mess of a story in the dark. I don’t want my photography to be about business and time frames, and rushed interaction.

I’m so thankful for them, and moments like this. I’m thankful for them taking the time to do some real life with me, a stranger at the time, and the crazy things that can happen and that God can use if you press pause and aren’t in such a hurry. If you take the time to tell your story…. if you take the time to listen to someone else’s stories.  I am becoming more and more aware of the importance of sharing in words and stories… and the value of really communicating and not hiding behind pretty photos and logos.

Seriously, thank you guys. You blessed me tons.

Now onto said pretty photos… because on top of their bangin’ personalities and hearts, they are freaking gorgeous.

 How’d they get the whole dang package?!

Also. Her interior decorating skills – ridiculous.



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