Kelsey + Jerrad

May 16, 2018

Man oh man.

It took a little while to nail down the right date so that we could do their shoot, and man was it worth the wait!

I had a freaking blast hanging out with these two, and laughing and running and bein’ silly. Jerrad wasn’t totally pumped to be in front of the camera at first (like every other guy!), but he loves this girl so big it didn’t even matter once we got going.  They just loved on each other and enjoyed it! I’m convinced he actually had a good time. 🙂

I’m becoming a firm believer that couples need to continue to do a photoshoots just for themselves every now and again.  It seems like after engagement photos and wedding photos, that couples forget to document where they are along their journey. Even if you don’t have kids, even if you think it’s weird or overkill to get photos taken of yourselves as a couple, DO IIITTT.  I love when couples who are married take the time for themselves and just make it a date.  Enjoy the evening together, and leave feeling connected and be pleasantly surprised at how much fun you had doing it.  It’s so worth it.

Then go update all your frames at home with new photos of where you love is right now, and how its grown.

My poor future husband is in for a lot of shoots together. 🙂


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