Haley + Jacob | Engagement

February 3, 2018

Growing up, honestly it drove me crazy when people would see me, and say “oh my gosh, you’re getting so old! You’re so grown up! So beautiful!” etc.  I always thought.. what does that even mean? I’m the same old person, and do I really look that different?! I was the youngest of 4 sisters, so I never really saw that in someone else.  Now that I’m getting a little older… I have to say I have the exact same reactions to girls that are younger than me. It’s not even about watching the way people look change, it’s about watching them grow… physically, emotionally, spiritually, all the things!  I have loved watching my nieces and other girls grow up, and become “young ladies” or “young women” or whatever you want to call it.

Haley is another one of those people.  I’ve known her since she was a little girl, and although there aren’t a crazy amount of years between us now that we are older, it’s so crazy to see her grown up, beautiful, and in love.  She is sweet and thoughtful, loves Jesus, and obviously loves this guy, so he’s alright with me too! 🙂

Congrats you two, can’t wait to see you get hitched!


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