Allen Family | Lifestyle

May 18, 2017

Other than being adorable, having impeccable taste for interior design, and being an absolute joy to photograph, these people will always have a special place in my heart!

 They were my college pastors, and through some crazy ups and downs…for 12 years… have always been a constant in my life. Whether Paige and I talked weekly, monthly, or even more time in between… she was always ready to have the hard kinds of conversations I needed to have when I was ready. Even when I felt the most insecure, I have never had to question whether or not they were praying for me, or had open doors, and that’s something that’s truly special. They have loved me well, even through my not so-shiny-moments and have listened to me for countless hours.

(bless their souls)

Thanks for always being solid, for letting me in your home, cooking me dinner, and putting up with me.

I have loved watching their lives change over the years, and seeing their family grow from 2 to 4.
Their girls are so sweet, and fun loving, and I know they’ll grow up to be just as awesome as their parents!